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Editor’s Choice

Totally Tanach

Browse,  search and study the Hebrew Bible with Totally Tanach, the ideal  Tanach  study tool for your  iPad. Totally Tanach features crisp Hebrew text with precise placement of Hebrew vowels and cantillation marks, and verse-by-verse synchronization between Hebrew,  English,  and Rashi’s commentary. (read more & download app)


The Talmud (or Gemara) is the supreme source-book of all Jewish Law and tradition. More than just a legal text, it is also a wellspring of ethical principles, and ultimately a guidebook to life. Never before has the entire Talmud been made available for portable use in it’s original form. Never have the classical commentaries of both Rashi and Tosafot been available on a portable, electronic device. Never before has the entirety of the Talmud been made accessible anytime, anywhere. Until now. (read more & download app)


Take your weekday siddur with you with this feature-packed Jewish prayer book. You’ll get Ashkenaz, Sfrard, Sefarad Mizrachi and Nusach Ari versions of davening, including weekday Shacharis, Mincha, Maariv, standard Brachos and more. Real time Zmanim will give you the prayer times for each day based on your location determined with the iPhone’s GPS. A Minyanim database will help you find nearest shul. A Luach or Jewish Calendar will aid you in your prayer services. (read more & download app)

Tanach for all – תנ”ך בשביל כולם

Tanach for all brings you the whole Jewish Tanach to your iPhone/iPod. Tanach for all includes the Torah, Nevi’im (Prophets) and Ketuvim (Writings). There is no need for an internet connection since all the Hebrew text comes with the application (English (JPS) and Onkelos translations can be downloaded from within the application without any charge. (read more & download app)

Mishneh Torah - רמב”ם – משנה תורה

Davka Corporation and Rusty Brick have announced Mishneh Torah 2.2, a universal app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Mishneh Torah features the complete Hebrew text of the classic code of Jewish law authored by Moses Maimonides, one of the foremost rabbis and Jewish philosophers of the Middle Ages. Users can browse the fourteen volumes and study the texts, search the texts with the program’s Hebrew search function, and bookmark and email selections for future reference.  (read more & download app)


Digital version of the Jewish classic, “Tanya” written by the Alter Rebbe. This book was written to be a spiritual guide for all Jews seeking a closer relationship with G-d. It provides practical advice on how to behave in our everyday lives and how to fully express our inner potential.  If you have already discovered Tanya, please enjoy. Otherwise, be ready for a new perspective on the world. (read more & download app)


Jewish Cal is the most comprehensive Jewish and Hebrew calendar ever produced. Here are just some of  the features included: Holidays & events, Siddur, minyan finder & compass, Daily learning, Weather & forecasts. Jewish Cal keep things clean and simple by displaying only the appropriate prayers at the requested time of day (based the Halachic times, or Zmanim). For example, in the nighttime hours only Ma’ariv and Bedtime Shema are promoted. (read more & download app)

iBless Food

iBless Food is a handy on-the-go guide to the blessings recited before and after eating. It’s three apps in one: (1) Instantly look up the correct blessings for more than 380 different foods; (2) View, hear, and learn the blessings recited before and after eating; (3) Test your knowledge of the food blessings with a quick quiz. iBless Food displays a scrollable list of a wide variety of food products, including appetizers, main courses, fruits, vegetables, snacks and desserts When the desired food is selected, the blessing name appears on screen. (read more & download app)

Pirkei Avot – פרקי אבות

Pirkei Avot ( פרקי אבות‎), which translates to English as Chapters of the Fathers (because of its contents, it is also called Ethics of the Fathers). The teachings of Pirkei Avot appear in the Mishnaic tractate of Avot, the second-to-last tractate in the order of Nezikin in the Talmud. Pirkei Avot free app by Natan Rolnik - full text in Hebrew, full text translated to English, introductory and more specific texts. (read more & download app)

iPad Torah

The iPad Torah is basically a scan of the Torah (Bible) scroll on your iPad. It adds a few nifty features as well. This version is a 248 columns (amudim) view, that allows you to scroll or navigate your way through the various Torah portions (Parshiot). You can easily jump to any Torah portion (Parsha) via the navigation and create your own bookmarks with our interactive pointer (Yad). (read more & download app)

Channel 2 News

Now you can watch Channel 2 News (Israel – Hebrew) anywhere and anytime on your iPhone:
- 24 hour news updates
- Real time video from the field
- All Channel 2 News programs available to view on demand (VOD)
- Weather forecasts updated regularly (read more & download app)

Shakshuka (Israel Radio)

Stay connected with Israel with over 30 radio stations, plus get the latest major news (news are available only in Hebrew). (read more & download app)



Entering Israel? Exiting Israel? You will definitely need the FlyTLV app in order to make sure you don’t miss your flight! FlyTLV is a straightforward-no-fuss app which will easily tell you when your flight to/from Israel is and most important – if any changes occurred (before/after time changes, cancellations etc.). To top that, our shiny “Worry-Free Push Notification” feature will work for you (so you won’t have to check your iPhone anxiously every five minutes). (read more & download app)


As the leading car rental firm in Israel, Eldan offers the most attractive online prices in the industry. With branches throughout Israel, Eldan offers the ultimate car rental experience with the highest standard of service at the lowest rates. (read more & download app)


Avishai Cohen

This is the official Avishai Cohen app for the iPhone / iPod Touch. This app is a must – have for Avishai Cohen fans and concert – goers. It helps you keep up with Avishai Cohen while you’re on the go. Tour dates, competitions, videos, pictures, and of course the first to listen to Avishai Cohen´s music”. (read more & download app)

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