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Pro-Israel Android Apps by ‘Like for Israel’

“Like for Israel” aims to create a global Internet task force, connecting pro-Israel activists from all political circles, professional and geographical backgrounds and strengthen the Pro-Israel presence on the web. Their goal is to be pro active for Israel, to empower pro-Israel activists to have a greater voice online, to amplify the message of Israel’s right [...]

Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow

As Communism in Poland began to crack and crumble, a small group of people staged a festival in Krakow, celebrating aspects of Jewish culture. That was back in 1988, and what was then a fringe event has grown into today’s festival – featuring some 200 events and expected to attract many thousands of people, of [...]

Tanach Bible by Davka Now Available for Android

Davka Corporation and Zigzag, Inc. have released  Tanach Bible for Android, a study program that includes the complete text of the Hebrew Bible with English translation. An ideal app for all students of the Hebrew Bible. Tanach Bible is already well known as an iPhone and iPad app – read our review here Tanach Bible [...]

A Guide to Jewish Warsaw – Augmented Reality iPhone App

Warsaw, Poland is not unknown city. Many Jewish historians dedicated their work to it. They dealt with past history, the Holocaust period, as well as with contemporary times – because although some claim, that there are no Jews in Poland, Jewish life there… goes on. If you are planning trip to Warsaw  to learn first hand [...]

Where Are There Computers In The Torah? (Tefillin Apps)

This was back in the early sixties, when the first mainframe computers were being introduced into business. Professor Abraham Polichenco, a pioneer in computer technology, visited the Lubavitcher Rebbe and posed a question to him: “I know that everything that exists in the world, even something that we discover later in history, has its source somewhere in [...]

iTorah by Crowded Road Finally Available for Android

iTorah Android Edition was created with beautiful typography and crisp print. There are included vowels and trop for the Hebrew text so it’s easier to read.  A complete English translation of the Torah is fully integrated into iTorah. There is English translation in full page, dual-window and interlinear modes, English search is included. Thousands and [...]

iMishna Now Also As An Android App

iMishna Android Edition  includes brand new features and a stunning new interface designed specifically for the Android. iMishna takes advantage of the Android display and offers stunning high-definition graphics and interfaces to make learning the Mishna an even more pleasurable experience in both portrait and landscape modes. iMishna includes a comprehensive English translation. Thousands of [...]

Perhaps the Best Jewish iPhone App Comes to… Android

Perhaps the best Jewish iPhone app on the market finally comes to… Android. iTalmud developed gives you three versions of  the entire Babylonian Talmud on your Android devices. You can use scrolling,  a complete, searchable translation with thousands of footnotes, references and insights, or download a page image from the Vilna Shas.  iTalmud features a text [...]

Tevye in the Promised Land

Mainstream NY publishers refused to publish Tzvi Fishman’s novel “Tevye in the Promised Land“,  saying it was too pro Israel,  pro settlement,  pro Torah,  pro aliyah,  anti-assimilation,  and anti-Arab.  But that’s why it’s such a unique and outstanding book. Ever wonder what happened to Tevye the Milkman from “Fiddler on the Roof,” after he was [...]

Yeshiva World News on iPhone

Yeshiva World News (YWN), is an Orthodox Jewish online news publication. It also has multiple services catering to Jews all over the world. YWN started as a news aggregation blog. It has since grown to an independent news source with freelance reporters and photographers in addition to continuing as a news aggregator. It is known for [...]

Social Media Campaign To Raise Holocaust Awareness Through Euro 2012

A group of technical-savvy Israeli students have set up a social media campaign based on the in-progress Euro 2012 football championship in Poland and the Ukraine to raise awareness of the Holocaust. Inspired by the host cities, the students from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya have established a multi-forum campaign, through a website, smartphone applications, [...]

Zmanim App by

It is considered a great mitzvah and responsibility to honor the Shabbat by lighting candles 18 minutes before sunset on Friday evening. Greeting the Shabbat (and also Jewish holidays) are girls and women across the globe. They light candles, which usher in peace and blessing to their homes and to the world. The Shabbat & [...]

Kever Pointer App – A Virtual Visit To The Grave

Kever Pointer app is a virtual visit to the grave of a Rabbi, sage, Matriarch or Patriarch. When you are looking for personal reflection and need a focus point, this app enables you to visualize a grave, Kever, that would normally be visited during a Jewish themed pilgrimage. When the particular Kever is chosen, the specialized [...]

Israel HaYom English Edition for iPhone

Israel HaYom is the most widely-read newspaper in Israel. Every day, 1.5 million Israelis read the newspaper. The paper’s editorial team is made up of some of the best and most experienced reporters, editors and analysts in the country, who together, provide expert coverage of news in Israel and abroad. Israel Hayom aims to provide [...]

The Jewish Kid from Miami – One-Armed Combat Soldier

Izzy Ezagui like many young American Jews have visited Israel a few times throughout his childhood. On his third visit, at the age of 19, he silently vowed to return to Israel in order to defend the Holy Land. Not more then half a year later he found himself training beside Israeli soldiers. He was [...]

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