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For Israelis Abroad

Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman launched the MFA’s new Tourist Information application Yesterday (Wednesday, June 13 2012) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem.  The Tourist  Information  (מידע למטייל)  app  was  developed over the past year by the Bureau of Consular Affairs and the Department for Israelis Abroad, in collaboration with the Bureau for [...]

Kever Pointer App – A Virtual Visit To The Grave

Kever Pointer app is a virtual visit to the grave of a Rabbi, sage, Matriarch or Patriarch. When you are looking for personal reflection and need a focus point, this app enables you to visualize a grave, Kever, that would normally be visited during a Jewish themed pilgrimage. When the particular Kever is chosen, the specialized [...]

Find and Book Hotel in Israel

Come2Israel  is a simple way to find and book a hotel in Israel. The Come2Israel app offers a quick, easy and secure way to fully compare from more than 340 Hotels in Israel, with full and updated information about each and every hotel. There are a lot of apps offering Hotel booking services in locations all [...]

JLife Guides – Jewish Travel Network

JLife Guides is a worldwide  Jewish travel network. You can finally find everything Jewish around you, wherever you are around the world. Looking for a kosher or Jewish style restaurant?  JLife has the most comprehensive database of these restaurants in the world. Discover known and unknown synagogues, monuments, and historic places, wherever you are. Find [...]

Kosher Near Me

Looking for Kosher Restaurants? Kosher Near Me lets you easily search a radius for local Kosher Establishments. You may let it detect your location by GPS automatically or enter an optional US Zipcode instead. By providing a simple, clean interface you can find what you’re looking for with minimal clicks.  Just open the app and [...]

Jewish Geography App Quiz Game

Jewish Geography is a fun and challenging app quiz game that measures by how many degrees you’re separated from your own Jewish geographical knowledge. Uniquely different than the traditional “Do you know so-and-so?” degrees of separation kibitzing, every intriguing photo and challenging question in Jewish Geography the app game is related to a geographical location [...]

Tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice

Museum Planet created a comprehensive narrated digital tour of the Jewish Ghetto (Ghetto Nuovo) in Venice, Italy. When on March 29th, 1516 the Government of the Serenissima Repubblica issued special laws, the first Ghetto of Europe was instituted. It was an area where Jews were forced to live and which they could not leave from [...]

‘Like’ for Israel

Like Israel app allows you to add a ‘LIKE’ stamp on top of pictures you take in Israel. You simply point your iPhone camera on the object/view you want to take picture of, adjust the Like stamp, and take the picture. You’ll be able to also add a status and share it with your friends on [...]

Israel Nature Trails

This app is a comprehensive guide to Israel Nature Trails. This guide cover different parks in Israel for everyone, walking trails for families as well as walking trails for the fit hikers who are looking for harder trails to walk. This vGuide is aimed for anyone who is planning to go visit Israel and want [...]

Kosher Wineries Around the World

The Kosher Wine Society app is a valuable travel and educational tool. The Kosher Wine Society was founded in December of 2005, with the intention of bringing people together to converse, learn, and form new relationships, all in the spirit of kosher wine. Kosher Wine Society  strives to produce the very best wine events in the [...]

Train in Israel

TrainTime Israel is the first application to allow people in Israel to search for train travel routes using their mobile device. Select your origin and destination, and we will calculate the entire route for you! including train switches and timing options. (app in Hebrew) קח רכבת זו האפליקציה היחידה בישראל המאפשרת לחפש מסלול נסיעה שלם ברכבת, [...]

Mincha Alerts – Prayer Reminder

Alerts for Mincha prayer times that adjust automatically and in the background according to the date and your location. How it works: – Launch Mincha Alerts once and configure the alerts you wish to receive. – From now on you’ll receive automatically adjusted alerts for the right times for the Mincha prayer. Benefits: – When [...]

Jewish Resource Locator

Sick of schlepping across town for a good kosher Reuben because you don’t know where else to find one? New to the area and in desperate need of a synagogue? Raise your glasses of Manischewitz and sound the shofar, because the Jewish Resource Locator app will get you to the closest kosher restaurant, temple, or [...]

Bike Rental

Tel-O-Fun – Ride around Tel Aviv-Yafo at your leisure. Tel Aviv-Yafo joins other large European cities in offering residents and visitors bikes for rent. Why walk or drive when you can ride? Now you can rent a bike in Tel Aviv! Forget about the traffic and looking for parking, and sign up to the Tel-O-Fun bike [...]

Hyundai iPark

It’s well known that parking is hell in the city. Every parking spot is worth fighting for or squeezing into, no matter how small. In addition, with the hectic urban lifestyle often people forget where they parked their cars. iPark, Hyundai’s Israel new parking app, helps Hyundai drivers park their cars and remember where they [...]

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