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Jewish Culture Festival in Cracow

As Communism in Poland began to crack and crumble, a small group of people staged a festival in Krakow, celebrating aspects of Jewish culture. That was back in 1988, and what was then a fringe event has grown into today’s festival – featuring some 200 events and expected to attract many thousands of people, of [...]

A Guide to Jewish Warsaw – Augmented Reality iPhone App

Warsaw, Poland is not unknown city. Many Jewish historians dedicated their work to it. They dealt with past history, the Holocaust period, as well as with contemporary times – because although some claim, that there are no Jews in Poland, Jewish life there… goes on. If you are planning trip to Warsaw  to learn first hand [...]

Yeshiva World News on iPhone

Yeshiva World News (YWN), is an Orthodox Jewish online news publication. It also has multiple services catering to Jews all over the world. YWN started as a news aggregation blog. It has since grown to an independent news source with freelance reporters and photographers in addition to continuing as a news aggregator. It is known for [...]


Zionation is a cellular application, developed by the Department for Diaspora Activities in the World Zionist Organization. Zionation is a modern and user – friendly Zionist data base, designated for anyone who feels closely connected to the State of Israel and Zionist history. Zionation application is compatible with three languages: Hebrew, English and Spanish. Within [...]

Channel 2 News

Now you can watch Channel 2 News anywhere and anytime on your iPad – 24 hour news updates – Real time video from the field – All Channel 2 News programs available to view on demand (VOD) – Weather forecasts updated regularly Channel 2 News – with you everywhere. גרסא מיוחדת של החדשות המותאמת למכשיר [...]

Israel HaYom English Edition for iPhone

Israel HaYom is the most widely-read newspaper in Israel. Every day, 1.5 million Israelis read the newspaper. The paper’s editorial team is made up of some of the best and most experienced reporters, editors and analysts in the country, who together, provide expert coverage of news in Israel and abroad. Israel Hayom aims to provide [...]

The Shadows of Shoah iPad App

The systematic murder of millions of  European Jews must not be reduced to a faceless statistic or historical anomaly. Shadows of  Shoah is an artistic project, communicating the gravity and significance of the Holocaust in a unique way. Using black and white photography and original music, selected episodes from survivors’ experiences are presented in a [...]

Eco-Guide App

Anyone who is interested to transition to a more sustainable way of life will benefit from Kibbutz Lotan’s comprehensive eco-guide app. Many socially and environmentally conscious citizens dream about leaving the grid for good and getting back in touch with nature, but the general lack of sustainable infrastructure and available information in the Middle East – especially [...]

Jewish News One iOS App

Jewish News One (JN1), is an international news network which covers world news with a focus on Judaism-related events. Its primary mission is to report Jewish and Israeli current affairs without bias, and according to spokesmen, JN1 can accomplish this because it’s an independent, non-profit organisation which does not depend on any nation, government, or political party. Their [...]

Find and Book Hotel in Israel

Come2Israel  is a simple way to find and book a hotel in Israel. The Come2Israel app offers a quick, easy and secure way to fully compare from more than 340 Hotels in Israel, with full and updated information about each and every hotel. There are a lot of apps offering Hotel booking services in locations all [...]

JLife Guides – Jewish Travel Network

JLife Guides is a worldwide  Jewish travel network. You can finally find everything Jewish around you, wherever you are around the world. Looking for a kosher or Jewish style restaurant?  JLife has the most comprehensive database of these restaurants in the world. Discover known and unknown synagogues, monuments, and historic places, wherever you are. Find [...]

Kosher Near Me

Looking for Kosher Restaurants? Kosher Near Me lets you easily search a radius for local Kosher Establishments. You may let it detect your location by GPS automatically or enter an optional US Zipcode instead. By providing a simple, clean interface you can find what you’re looking for with minimal clicks.  Just open the app and [...]

Jewish Actors iPhone App

How many Jewish actors are you able to recognize?  Test and improve your knowledge with new iPhone app. Play the game on your own or with friends. It’s supposed to be fun, but you’re guaranteed to learn something too. The best source of this information is self-identification by the person himself; however, in some cases, sources [...]

Yeshiva University Goes Mobile

Yeshiva University’s Torah Online site is a commitment to spread Torah learning throughout the world. It offers more than 50,000 shiurim via webcast in audio, video and text formats by our Roshei Yeshiva and other YU luminaries. Now you can study Torah using  Yeshiva University’s resources also via iPhone app. This application is dedicated in honor of [...]

Forbes Israel

Forbes  is  an  American  publishing  and  media company.  Its  flagship  publication,  the  Forbes  magazine,  is  published  biweekly.  Its  primary  competitors  in  the national  business  magazine  category  are  Fortune,  which  is  also  published  biweekly,  and  Businessweek. The  magazine is well-known for its lists, including its lists of the richest Americans (the Forbes 400) and its list of billionaires. [...]

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