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Counting in Hebrew 123

If you’re teaching your child to count in Hebrew, Counting in Hebrew 123 is for you. Designed by professional preschool teachers, counting 1-10 in Hebrew helps teach the basic counting skills using sketches and unique sound and effects. Features include: numbers count out loud in Hebrew as your child counts Randomly place different objects, to teach [...]

Fun Way for Kids to Learn Hebrew Letters

Hebrew Clouds app – Learn Hebrew the fun way. Focused on helping children learn Hebrew the app takes you on a journey to learn each new letter and then get quizzed to see your knowledge. Keep your kids entertained for hours as they learn new Hebrew skills. . App: Hebrew Clouds by Alt Tab Compatible: iPhone, [...]

Piano Practice

Want your kids to learn the piano but can’t afford those expensive private lessons?  Award-winning interactive video game developer JoyTunes* released a new iPad game called Piano Dust Buster that teaches the piano in an interactive way, featuring different modes and songs that range in difficulty. The concept of the game is that the player [...]

Puzzle Game

Test your wits and build your brain muscles in Find a Way, José! puzzle game. José wakes up one morning and can’t find his Potion.  This dude is willing to do what it takes, so help him out. Find a Way, José! is a new and refreshing take on the sliding-block puzzler genre such as Unblock [...]

Jewish Actors iPhone App

How many Jewish actors are you able to recognize?  Test and improve your knowledge with new iPhone app. Play the game on your own or with friends. It’s supposed to be fun, but you’re guaranteed to learn something too. The best source of this information is self-identification by the person himself; however, in some cases, sources [...]

Rabbi Shalom Will Teach You Brachot

This application is designed for Jewish children. Rabbi Shalom is a funny Rabbi, he will teach you  Jewish blessings in Hebrew - Brachot. Tap the MICROPHONE icon and talk to Rabbi Shalom, he will repeat everything you say. Tap the GRAPE icon, the Rebbe takes his Kiddush glass and does ​​the prayer for the grape juice. Tap the DRINK [...]

Hebrew Puzzle

Kids love jigsaw and wood puzzles. Kids 1st Shape Puzzle will provide your kids hours of entertainment and fun learning Hebrew and English first words. Place the pieces correctly on the puzzle to hear the word and sound – animal’s sounds, transportation sounds, letters, numbers, and more. Eye and ear catching puzzle enhances matching and listening [...]

Hanukkah Activity Center

All your favorite Hanukkah activities  in one app. Made by three kids, this app is the app that they wanted to use. Spin the dreidel, cook up some latkes, light the candles (pick any color you like), and sing along with three of your favorite Hanukkah song selections. Made by kids, for kids, this will be [...]

15 Apps for 7 Crazy Nights*

Looking for a great Hanukkah gifts for your kids? Here you are. Israeli startup My First App released 15 educational iPad apps for kids aged 2-8. These apps are great for developing language skills, cognitive skills (such as: categorization, conceptualization, generalization and abstraction) visual perception skills (such as: visual discrimination), visual memory skills, primary math concepts (such [...]

Spin a Dreidel, Light the Candles

This app is 100% geared towards Jewish parents and their children. It has something for everyone,  it is both entertaining and educational. Kids will love it because it is interactive and fun. Parents will love it because the educational text comes directly from a Rabbi and wrote it as a loving supplement to rabbinical teachings [...]


PAH! is a unique iPhone game created by Israeli team called Lucky7 Labs: Eyal Shahar (game concept and design – @eyalshahar), Yosi Taguri (programming – @yosit), Israel Roth (programming – @iroth99). It’s the first full game in the App Store to be activated by voice only.  Although it’s a touch screen device – touching the screen won’t do anything. PAH! [...]

Zikaron3D – game for kids

Zikaron3D Match pairs of cards by turning over the cards in this fun and addicting card matching game which trains your memory. Click on a card to flip it over. If the next card you flip matches the first card, they disappear from the pool. Clear the board with as few tries as possible. Have [...]

Quick Hebrew

Forget learning how to ask directions to the nearest municipal swimming pool. According to developer’s promise this app will help you learn all the most common used Hebrew words in one week. As kids we were memorizing hundreds of words without effort. It worked due to strong associative memory and connection between words and sensation. Developers believes [...]

Drowsy Drivers

Trivia apps for the iPhone are hardly a scarce resource, but Drivia is a new app that takes that simple quiz format and puts a different spin on it. The idea is to keep drowsy drivers from falling asleep behind the wheel using a voice controlled app that doesn’t require them to look away from the [...]

Jewish Holidays (RU/EN)

“Jewish Holidays” application will help you learn new things and check your knowledge of the Hebrew calendar, its central holidays and their symbolism. In addition to its educational value, the game is also fun and entertaining – it’s a great way to spend your free time. This app was created by Institute of Jewish Studies [...]

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