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Tanya – Free Bi-Lingual App

“Bible of Chassidism“, the Tanya, the magnum opus of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of  Chabad now also as a free bi-lingual (Hebrew and Portuguese)  iOS app created  by Natan Rolnik. “Tanya – the fundamental, classic work upon which all concepts of  Chabad Chassidism are based. The Tanya is indispensable to an understanding of the Chasidic movement and [...]

Benny Friedman

Benny Friedman is a professionally trained vocalist and performer living in Brooklyn, NY. As a young child, his unique vocal talent gained the attention of Jewish music producers. Shortly after his Bar Mitzvah, Benny was invited to perform in a string of Catskill Mountain summer camps, where his heart-warming renditions wowed disbelieving audiences. Benny’s first [...]

All New

Judaism Mega Site Unveils Monumental Rebuild by Libby Herz  In the late 1980s, years before the internet boom and long before anyone would pair Jewish outreach to computing, Rabbi Yosef Y. Kazen could be found sitting before a mammoth computer, dispatching Jewish texts across the globe. Prior to the advent of YouTube, Google and Yahoo, Kazen [...]

Write to the Rebbe’s Ohel via app

“The Ohel” is where the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, was laid to rest on the 3rd of Tammuz 5754 (June 12, 1994), next to his father-in-law, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Y. Schneersohn, of righteous memory. The term Ohel (lit. “tent”) refers to the structure built over the resting [...]

Orhot ha-Tzadikim

Orhot ha-Tzadikim (The Ways of the Righteous) has been printed about five hundred years ago. Some of  its major sections are devoted to pride, modesty, love, compassion, zeal, truth and repentance. App Sefer Musar Orhot ha-Tzadikim with nikud and search option (ספר מוסר אורחות צדיקים עם ניקוד ואפשרות חיפוש) App: Esh Orhot Zadikim אש אורחות צדיקים by Elyahu [...]

Chabad House Perth of Western Australia

Chabad House Perth of Western Australia was established in 1987 as part of  The Rebbe’s vision to bring Judaism to every Jew of the World.  Chabad House is a branch of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, comprising of 2,700 institutions worldwide. Chabad serves the Jewish community from its current centre in Dianella with a Synagogue, Hebrew School, [...]

Rav Dynovisz

Les Lectures Du Rav Dynovisz app offers audio lectures on the Torah, Chassidus, Zohar and Kabbalah given by Rabbi Chaim Dynovisz in French. Les Lectures du Rav Dynovisz sur la Torah: Ce programme vous propose des cours audio de Torah traitant de tous les grands thèmes de notre temps et de l´actualité selon les enseignements [...]


Israeli developer Roi Reshef created new app called כתבי הרב קוק (Writings of Rabbi Kook). Rabbi Abraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook was the first Ashkenazi chief rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine, the founder of the Religious Zionist Yeshiva Merkaz HaRav, Jewish thinker, Halachist, Kabbalist and a renowned Torah scholar. He was one of the [...]


L’Association Betch Loubavitch a créé l’applicaton Loubavitch afin de faciliter la vie au quotidien de la communauté de l’Ouest parisien. C’est la première application qui vous renseigne sur la vie juive de votre arrondissement. Découvrez donc l’application «Loubavitch», le premier guide complet de tous les établissements de la commununauté juive du 16 ème arrondissement. Grace [...]

Ask The Rebbe app

Write a letter to the Rebbe. In this letter, write anything that goes through your mind, or just ask a question. Once you wrote your letter, press the DONE button and you will see a reply letter from the Rebbe. This letter is randomly generated by the app and comes from a compilation of  letters [...]

Chabad Washington University S. Louis School

Washington University students looking for the latest information about Jewish life at the S. Louis school are finding that there’s an app for that too. Released for free on Apple’s App Store, the iPhone-optimized app is a “one-stop shop when it comes to its content, from up-to-the-minute information about Chabad on Campus at Washington University [...]

Talmud Keys (update)

The Talmud students can now enjoy an updated version of  Talmud Keys 1.1 -  Hebrew-English dictionary by Davka. The updated version offers some new features such as: adding additional Hebrew-Aramaic words, utilizing right-to-left text entry for Hebrew, and standard left-to-right text entry for English translation. Thanks to the new features the whole product becomes more [...]

Kol HaLashon Kiosk for iPhone

The Kol Haloshon network allows you to listen to thousands of shiurim over the telephone. They have a huge range of shiurim available. The first shiur, 5 years ago, was given by Rav Mordechai Silber of  Congregation Toldos Yehuda of  Stutchin.  Since then more than 150 maggidei shiurim have recorded their shiurim Live or have [...]

Chabad Northeast L.A.

The Chabad Jewish Center app was created for Jewish communities in Northeast LA. Have the Center’s news, calendar and general information at your fingertips and read articles on a variety of Jewish topics. Features: – Read articles on a variety of Jewish topics. – View the Center’s notices and updates. – Get information about the [...]

Rashei Tevot (Hebrew Abbreviations)

How many times You have been studying Torah and it was difficult to go on because You didn’t know the meaning of an abbreviation? With this app, that contains +1500 Hebrew abbreviations about Mishnah, Talmud, Chasidut and Torah/Judaism in general, it’s over! To perform search, you must enable Hebrew Keyboard in iPhone Settings (Settings > [...]

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