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Jobs for Americans

As the US economy suffers from a  high unemployment  rate,  an Israeli  startup company  is using  innovative  technology  to change the way Americans  search  for and  find  jobs. Utilizing  social  networking  as  its  base,  is  the only  job search engine that aggregates jobs in real time from social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus [...]

Israeli Startup Map

One map. A country smaller than the size of  New Jersey. Thousands of startups. Michael Eisenberg  (Benchmark  Capital)  set  a Challenge few weeks ago, asking developers from Israel to create a similar map to the one Mayor Bloomberg unveils in NY,  showcases more than 500 local companies based on their location, plus available list of jobs within these [...]

Israel’s Whiz Kids

They’re young, they’re talented, and they’ve already got their own businesses – meet Israel’s teenage entrepreneurs. Mickey Haslavsky of  Holon is only 18, but he’s already on his second startup. “When I began my first startup at 16, I thought I was the only one creating websites at this age, but I was amazed to [...]

After Flatbush Asifa

Fifteenhundred Flatbushers Fight Foe – Flatbush Asifa (Sunday, June 10, 2012) I just returned from a very inspiring gathering which took place at Agudas Yisroel Bais Binyomin. Several Flatbush Rabbonim got together to speak about the dangers of the Internet and what we can do about it. This gathering was very different from the one 3 [...]

Flatbush Asifa

“Ultra-Orthodox Jews are having another mass meeting about the Internet, this time with women” by Adrianne Jeffries Not everyone in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community was pleased with how that recent rally against the Internet at Citifield turned out. The event was only for men, and its conclusion was that the Internet should only be used in the course [...]

Me or Smartphone

“Satmar Rebbe – It’s Me or Your Smartphones”  by Gabe Kahn Taking a hardline against the Internet, Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum says no one with a smartphone can count themselves among his followers. Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum, the Satmar Rebbe of  Kiryas Yoel, gave his followers an ultimatum on Shavuot: rid yourselves of your smart phones or [...]

Steinsaltz for iPad

Koren Publishers Jerusalem has launched the first volume of a new English edition of the Talmud with commentary by renowned Talmud scholar Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. The Koren Talmud Bavli offers a variety of features never seen before in an English edition of the Talmud: Vilna pages with vowels and punctuation, text presented in individual learning units, a [...]

Share Israel

“Israel Advocacy on Campus Gets New App” In response to a changing attitude toward Israel on college campuses, the Israel advocacy group StandWithUs lauched in 2001. Its goal was to serve as an informational guerrilla unit of sorts and work with established campus organizations like Hillel to combat anti-Semitism and anti-Israel propaganda. With calls for [...]

Kosher Internet

For religious Jews in New York & New Jersey, the burning topic is the “Klal Yisroel Asifa“ which will take place on Rosh Chodesh Sivan in Citifield, a place better known for Mets games and Mincha Minyanim with baseball caps.Much ink (real and virtual) was spilled on discussing this Asifa, which has caused many headlines, [...]

Digital Israelis

Arabs in Israel blog more than Jews, while new immigrant youth use social networking platforms to stay connected to the friends they left behind says study released on Monday (May 06, 2012) looking at how Israelis use the Internet. Funded by Google Israel and carried out by academics at the School of Media  Studies  at [...]

Anti-Semitic Google

In a strange twist,  Google is being sued by a French rights organization for alleged anti-Jewish discrimination over a technology developed in the Jewish state. SOS Racisme claims that Google’s “auto-complete” technology is discriminatory because it automatically associates certain famous people with the word “Jewish” — even though they might not be. The group, along with other [...]

Human Interface

Umoove the first ever mobile-phone-human-interface,  takes user experience to the next level by providing a unique interaction using head movements and face gestures using only your mobile device. It’s something like Kinect but on mobile phone. With Umoove you become application… Umoove’s technology can recognize and track even the most subtle head and eye movements in the most [...]

Haredim vs. Internet

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally Against Internet  If Al Gore actually had invented the Internet, as he once claimed, he would be the least popular guy in any ultra-Orthodox neighborhood today. It is clear that the fervently Orthodox Jewish leaders despise the Internet and technology because they’re willing to spend over $1.5 million in a rally against [...]

Wealthiest Jews

“Forbes Israel” ranks wealthiest Jews – Larry Ellison is the world’s wealthiest Jew and Idan Ofer is the wealthiest Israeli. (via Globes) Oracle Corporation co-founder and CEO Larry Ellison is the world’s wealthiest Jew, with a fortune of $36 billion in 2012, according to “Forbes Israel”. He is followed by casino operator Sheldon Adelson, with [...]

Jewish Tech Mum

“Esther Wojcicki: A Jewish mother of the tech revolution” by Preeva Tramiel I sometimes direct tourists toward ‘the HP garage,’ which is marked with a plaque and gets photographed a lot. It is three blocks down the street from my house. HP bought that garage, and the house it is attached to, decades ago, and [...]

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