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Amir Perelman

Amir Perelman was born in Israel in 1967 and as a young child immigrated to the United States with his family. Some years later he returned to Israel and at the age of 15 began playing the guitar. In short time his talent and virtuosity were revealed. In his early twenties, Amir re-located to Europe [...]

Chabad Niggunim

A collection of  Chabad niggunim  which range from stirring, profound and introspective, to lively tunes expressing the joy of serving G-d. These nigunim by Avraham Fried reveal the profundity of mind and inspiration of the heart as felt by the Chasid in his service of avodas Hashem. A Chabad nigun refines the singer and transforms him [...]

New song of Lipa Schmeltzer

“Instead of searching Google, I’m busy making kugel…” YouTube: “In a futuristic take on his hit song Hang Up The Phone from his blockbuster album Leap of Faith, ¬†superstar Lipa Schmeltzer teams up with producer and director Danny Finkelman to tackle our generation’s ever growing infatuation with gadgets head on, in a music video that [...]

David Broza

Singer and songwriter David Broza was born in Israel and raised in England and Spain. The son of a businessman and a folksinger, he was influenced by music at a very young age, performing on-stage when he was a teenager. At the age of 21, Broza was climbing local charts with his own compositions, recording [...]

Eviatar Banai

Eviatar  Banai  was born in 1973 in Beer Sheva, Israel. The extended Banai family is notable as an outstanding family of  Israeli artists;  Eviatar is the younger brother of the actress  Orna  Banai and the singer and songwriter  Meir Banai,  although their father, Yitzhak Banai, was a judge. Banai studied cinema in high school.  He also studied piano for [...]

Aaaron Razel

Aaaron Razel born in New York in 1974, is an Israeli musician. His music explores topics such as Torah, Orthodox Judaism and living in Israel. Razel came to Israel with his family when he was one month old. He started playing various instruments at an early age, mainly piano, guitar, violin and recorders. At the [...]

Amit Friedman

Composer and saxophonist Amit Friedman positions himself as one of today’s leading jazz musicians in Israel. Friedman’s compositions, combining sophistication and simplicity that communicate to all listeners, his unique arrangements and renowned playing, have captured a wide and varied audience of devoted jazz fans, as well as lovers of world music, rock and other styles [...]

Benny Friedman

Benny Friedman is a professionally trained vocalist and performer living in Brooklyn, NY. As a young child, his unique vocal talent gained the attention of Jewish music producers. Shortly after his Bar Mitzvah, Benny was invited to perform in a string of Catskill Mountain summer camps, where his heart-warming renditions wowed disbelieving audiences. Benny’s first [...]

Cantor E. Perlman

Cantor Emanuel¬†Perlman has concertized extensively throughout the United States. ¬†Larry King said that Perlman is ‚Äúa combination Caruso and Mel Torme.‚ÄĚ ¬†He earned a Bachelors Degree in Music and Voice from Rhode Island College and a Masters Degree in Psychiatric Social Work from Yeshiva University. Cantor¬†Emanuel¬†Perlman¬†also attended the Cantors Institute at the Jewish Theological Seminary. [...]

Yehuda Julio Glantz

“Chai Vekayam” ¬†is ¬†a ¬†compilation of ¬†14 ¬†tracks ¬†of ¬†Yehuda Glantz‚Äô ¬†most ¬†recent ¬†and ¬†beautiful ¬†songs. Yehuda ¬†Julio ¬†Glantz¬† (born on March 19, 1958 ¬†in ¬†Buenos ¬†Aires, ¬†Argentina) ¬†is ¬†a ¬†musician ¬†composer, ¬†singer, ¬†songwriter ¬†and ¬†producer ¬†living ¬†in¬†Jerusalem ¬†Israel. Glantz is a¬†multi-instrumentalist ¬†playing ¬†on ¬†the ¬†Charango, ¬†piano, ¬†accordion, ¬†Sicu, ¬†pinkuyo, ¬†guitar, ¬†flute, ¬†cuatro¬†and ¬†is ¬†also [...]

Arnie Lawrence

Despite a prolific recording career as both a leader and as a sideman, alto saxophonist Arnie Lawrence made his most lasting contributions to jazz as an educator, founding the jazz program at New York City’s New School University and later launching the Jerusalem-based International Center for Creative Music, a program that welcomed musicians of both [...]

Stereo Sinai

Stereo Sinai is the ‘Good Book’ like you’ve never heard it before. Dubbed “biblegum pop,” the band’s signature sound is the heretical combination of ancient, holy tongues with blasphemous backbeats and synthesized pop melodies. If Gwen Stefani and had been on the mountain with Moses, they would have come down sounding a lot like [...]

Rabbi Trugman

Album “From World to World (◊ě◊Ę◊ē◊ú◊Ě ◊ē◊Ę◊ď ◊Ę◊ē◊ú◊Ě)” by Avraham Arieh Trugman & Friends is a beautiful collection of inspiring original songs accompanied by a plethora of instruments as well as uplifting vocal harmonies. The songs include meditative melodies, finger tapping tunes and get up and dance music as well. They touch mind, heart and [...]

Yosef Karduner

Try this for a riddle: Name one song that you can hear synagogue youth groups singing in Canada and the USA, Israeli soldiers singing in border outposts, and Kabbala scholars humming while immersed in their learning. Here‚Äôs your answer ‚Äď Yosef Karduner‚Äôs¬†Shir Hamaalot. Rebbe Nachman of Breslev is more than explicit about the qualities that [...]

Ehud Banai

Ehud Banai is an Israeli singer and songwriter. Banai, of Persian Jewish and Afghan Jewish descent, was born in Jerusalem to the actor Yaakov Banai, the eldest of the Banai siblings, and moved to Givataim at the age of  four. At the age of ten he learned to play the cello, and listened to Elvis [...]

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