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Pro-Israel Android Apps by ‘Like for Israel’

“Like for Israel” aims to create a global Internet task force, connecting pro-Israel activists from all political circles, professional and geographical backgrounds and strengthen the Pro-Israel presence on the web. Their goal is to be pro active for Israel, to empower pro-Israel activists to have a greater voice online, to amplify the message of Israel’s right [...]

Tanach Bible by Davka Now Available for Android

Davka Corporation and Zigzag, Inc. have released  Tanach Bible for Android, a study program that includes the complete text of the Hebrew Bible with English translation. An ideal app for all students of the Hebrew Bible. Tanach Bible is already well known as an iPhone and iPad app – read our review here Tanach Bible [...]

iTorah by Crowded Road Finally Available for Android

iTorah Android Edition was created with beautiful typography and crisp print. There are included vowels and trop for the Hebrew text so it’s easier to read.  A complete English translation of the Torah is fully integrated into iTorah. There is English translation in full page, dual-window and interlinear modes, English search is included. Thousands and [...]

iMishna Now Also As An Android App

iMishna Android Edition  includes brand new features and a stunning new interface designed specifically for the Android. iMishna takes advantage of the Android display and offers stunning high-definition graphics and interfaces to make learning the Mishna an even more pleasurable experience in both portrait and landscape modes. iMishna includes a comprehensive English translation. Thousands of [...]

Perhaps the Best Jewish iPhone App Comes to… Android

Perhaps the best Jewish iPhone app on the market finally comes to… Android. iTalmud developed gives you three versions of  the entire Babylonian Talmud on your Android devices. You can use scrolling,  a complete, searchable translation with thousands of footnotes, references and insights, or download a page image from the Vilna Shas.  iTalmud features a text [...]

Kosher Recipes for Android

Kosher Recipe Feed is for every kosher eater out there. Learn delicious kosher food that is healthy and pure. Learn the ways of our ancestors and their dietary habits. . . App: Kosher Recipe Feed by GizmoPress Updated: January 6, 2012 Size: 158K Price: Free  (Android Apps on Google Play Link) . . . . .

Writing Hebrew Alphabets for Android

Learn to write Hebrew Alphabet on your device.  A fun way to pick up new language and practice it whenever you like to.  Not just for preschoolers but adults too. Features: 1) Choose letter from scroll menu 2) Pick your favorite color-pencil 3) View picture related to an alphabet 4) Hear pronunciation of each Hebrew [...]

Apps by the Anne Frank House

Anne’s Amsterdam is the name of a new phone app launched by the Anne Frank House. The app helps users gain an understanding of events in Amsterdam during World War II by using the story of Anne Frank as a central theme. Users will be shown a city map with icons on locations that played a [...]

Shabbat Alarm Clock for Android

At last, an alarm clock application for Android devices that you can use during the week and for Shabbat and Yom Tov. Features: Shabbat Mode: When enabled, the alarm will turn off automatically after a user-specified amount of time (1 second – 59 minutes) Reoccurring Alarms: Can be a one-time alarm or set to ring [...] Apps

Rabbinically approved personal guide to Taharat Hamishpacha observance Mikvah Calendar  iPhone and Android app automatically calculates all important dates and times according to your custom:  Ashkenazic, Sephardic, and Chabad customs. Requires internet access. After 60 days, membership as low as $16/year is required. Service has been expertly approved and recommended by Rabbis, Yotzaot, and Kallah [...]

Pocket Torah App

PocketTorah is designed to help you learn the weekly Torah and Haftarah portion anywhere, on  iPad, iPhone, iPod & Android devices (download here). The developers, Russel Neiss and Rabbi Charlie Schwartz, have also released a web version of the application, that can be viewed in Safari on any desktop or laptop computer. This means that in addition to [...]

Sefirat HaOmer for Android

This application displays the siddur count for the Omer. The Omer is counted every evening after nightfall, from the second night of Passover till the night before Shavuot. .   App: Sefirat HaOmer by AvivoNet Software Updated: April 15, 2010 Size: 770k Price: Free  (Shop Android Apps Link) . . . . .

Seder Sefirat Ha Omer Widget – סדר ספירת העומר – for Android

Sefirat Ha Omer Widget – סדר ספירת העומר Daily count of the omer. Click on the Widget and get all “סדר ספירת העומר” Seder Sefirat Ha’ Omer.  (Hebrew font inside) How to use it? It’s a widget, so you just need to long press on the “desktop” of you android device, then choose “Widget”, select “Sefirat Haomer Widget” App: [...]

Counting the omer Widget for Android

This widget displays which day this evening’s Omer count is on (or how many days left until we count). It is intended as a gentle reminder to put on your home screen so you’re more likely to remember it every day you use your phone. . App: Counting the omer Widget by Wiegand Tech LLC [...]

Omer Count Widget for Android

Minimal widget which shows the current counting of the omer. In the upper side it shows the count for today (till sunset) and in the bottom side it – the count tonight. The widget updates every day a few minutes after midnight.  It takes 1X1 on your home, minimal and not disturbing. Fixed version – accurate [...]

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