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Jewish iPhone Community website was founded in early 2010 with the goal of making it easy to find Jewish mobile applications. To date it is the only English-language website of this kind.

The Jewish iPhone Community was established to create a virtual community of those that use mobile devices with any kind of Jewish applications. Jews of all affiliations – religious or secular, Orthodox or Reform, Chassid or Litvak – who are looking for a friendly e-community built around traditional Jewish values will find something here.

The Jewish iPhone Community is the first place to go to discover the latest and best iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and BlackBerry Jewish apps available today. The site will also feature product reviews, troubleshooting help, updates and links to new apps, along with the latest media and technological news.

On you will find new Jewish apps added daily in categories such as Art, Audio, Chassidut, Food, Games, Hebrew, Holidays, Kabbalah, Library (Jewish themed iBooks), Midrash, Made in Israel, Organizations, Prayers, Talmud, Travel and Yiddish … to mention just a few.


In addition to listing and reviewing new apps we also promote other areas of Jewish technology used in education and social networking. On our website you can read about Israeli start-ups, Israeli films and trailers of films containing Jewish elements. We also scan iTunes for Jewish music and interesting podcasts. In short, is the best place for anything Jewish related that you can listen to, download, watch or read on your mobile device.


There are more than 425,000 apps for iPhone in Apple’s AppStore,  200,000+ apps in the Android Market and thousands of applications for the BlackBerry scattered across the web.

Let us do the legwork to help you find the specific information and apps you want for your device, quickly and easily.

“Since new apps appear all the time, here is one site you should definitely bookmark. is a wonderful clearinghouse of the latest Jewish apps, and despite its name, you’ll find information about apps for Android and Blackberry-based phones too. Highly recommended!” (Mark Mietkiewicz, The St. Louis Jewish Light

“The Jewish iPhone Community website offers a database of apps that are perfect for extending Jewish knowledge. They even have pages devoted to apps for other devices, such as Android and Blackberry.” (Andy Shannon, Behrman House)

“The Jewish iPhone Community a great go-to site to find information on all things Jewish for your iPhone and iPod Touch”  (Kosher Cookbook)

“If you are looking for apps that are slicker and more sophisticated, and are willing to put your money where your iPhone is, there are plenty of Jewish apps that range in price from 99 cents to $30 or more. The best two places to browse are and the Jewish iPhone feed on Twitter.” (Mark Mietkiewicz, The Jewish Ledger), a nonprofit site devoted to all things Jewish and Apple, lists 26 Chanukah apps, a figure that trumps the number of apps for any other Jewish holiday. That’s not even counting what can be downloaded to BlackBerry, Android and other devices”. (Deborah Hirsh, Jewish Exponent)

“There are hundreds of Jewish apps available, including Jewish and Israeli newspaper versions, apps that let you donate to particular charities, a Gematria (Jewish numerology) calculator, and a guide for keeping kosher at Disney World. Check out for a comprehensive listing of Jewish apps as they are released”. (Rabbi Jason Miller, The NY Jewish Week)

More than 300,000 iPhone apps, nearly 100,000 apps in the Android Market, and thousands of applications for the BlackBerry occupy the web, according to But until this year, consumers looking for Jewish apps had to sift through those hundreds of  thousands of sites, or rely on word of mouth. That changed in early 2010 when the site began cataloguing apps in such areas as Art, Audio, Chassidut, Food, Games, Hebrew, Holidays, Kabbalah, Library (Jewish themed iBooks), Midrash, Made in Israel, Organizations, Prayers, Talmud, Travel and Yiddish, and more”. (World Jewish Daily)

“There are at least 750 Jewish apps on a variety of topics, according to Jewish iPhone Community, a Web site that tracks Jewish apps”. (Niraj WarikooDetroit Free Press)

“Leave it to Robert Pass, creator of the Jewish iPhone Community, to put together a comprehensive website with everything a connected, Jewish techie needs to celebrate Purim in the Digital Age. In addition to the Grogger Factory’s 2010 contribution to iPurim with their virtual grogger, there are a host of other apps (some old, some new) for this year’s Purim celebration. Check out the Purim page of the Jewish iPhone Community”. (Rabbi Jason Miller, The NY Jewish Week)

I believe that the iPad is a much better option (in most cases) than a netbook.  The educational apps that are available making learning come alive in a new way that is incredibly exciting.  Whether it’s using browsing the web or listening to music as part of a lesson, there are a myriad of uses for this hand-held device.  Most importantly, is what the app store brings to your finger tips.  Check out Jewish iPhone Community, a blog that lists and reviews many of the Jewish applications available for the iOS platform (along with Android, Blackberry and others, too)”. (Brett Lubarsky)

“Jewish apps for your mobile phone  - [Jewish iPhone Magazine -] the best selection of apps on the web for iPhone, Blackberry & Android” (Jewish Online)

The Jewish iPhone Magazine, an online community for Jewish app developers and iPhone enthusiasts” (The Daily Caller)

The Jewish iPhone Community‘s goal it to make easy to find Jewish mobile applications. It creates a virtual community of users of mobile device; i.e. iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.” (Elaine SolowayNever Too Old To Talk Tech)

@Jewish_iPhone was ranked #64 in Jewish Telegraphic Agency 100 Most Influential Jewish Tweeters – 2010 Edition (JTA).

People behind the Jewish iPhone Community:

Robert Reuven Pass - The founder of the Jewish iPhone Community. BT.  A settler from Samaria born in Poland, currently on a temporary “exile” in Ireland. May not always agree with Apple policies but definitely loves everything “Made in Cupertino”.

Before he immigrated to Israel he was co-creator and co-inventor of the first Internet service for the Jewish Community in Poland.  At the same time he was a project manager (Global Village – multimedia project gathering small local communities) for IDG Poland (publisher, alongside other titles, of Mac World) and editor-in-chief of  “Shterndlech” – an educational magazine for Jewish children.  He is also a co-writer of  “A guide to Jewish Warsaw” (soon available as an iPhone app.)

People who changed his life: wife Ruth, rabbis:  Haskiel Besser, zt”l;  Michael Schudrich,  Hersh Lieber,  Sacha Pecaric and Lubavitcher Rebbe M. M. Schneerson, zt”l. The greatest pride and joy:  his children – Naomi and Jonathan.

The books which influenced his life: “In Job’s Balances” by Lev Shestov and “Mesillat Jesharim” (Path of the Just) by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto (Ramchal).

An admirer of blues, Israeli jazz and Mahler.  Beside Sifrei Kodesh he is very keen on reading poetry of  Reznikoff,  Alan Ginsburg, Robert Lowell, J.L. Borges and Janusz Zernicki.

He is totally fascinated with painting of the surrealists, Modigliani and Lichtenstein.  Amongst photographers he appreciates most Richard Avedon, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Cap and Philippe Halsman. A passionate about Bauhaus in art,  spellbound by the architecture of  “White City” (Tel Aviv).


robert at jewishiphonecommunity dot org


Mati Szmidt - Born and raised in Poland.

Pragmatic who believes that everything in life doesn’t depend on pure luck, but on hard work. Keeps playing Lotto all the time, though.

Has had quite a ride with electronics. Started with good old C64. Currently exploring the dark side of Apple miracle iPhone, and is still amazed that it’s working without tape.

Teacher and translator.

Used to be an active sports freak.  Still a freak (of sport) but refrains from physical exertion.

mati at jewishiphonecommunity dot org



Gilad Handler – Born in Seattle, Israeli kibbutznik by heart. Now lives in Ireland.

Likes everything from gadgets to drums,  including iPhone of course!

At Jewish iPhone Community responsible for the background and some aspects of the  Hebrew side of  Jewish iPhone.

For any technical questions you can write directly to him (he knows a lot,  not everything, but still promised to do his best).

gilad at jewishiphonecommunity dot org




Find us on, on the Jewish iPhone Community Facebookpage and as  a @Jewish_iPhone on Twitter .

.Jewish iPhone Community is not affiliated with any mobile device maker or carrier.


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